8988 KTT GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking Device 8988 VTU GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking Device Visintek 87VTU Consists of powerful Built-in GPS receiver engine, Quad Band GSM Modem, New generation Micro ....

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VISIONTEK 88985 is a More Advanced 'Vennalla Tracking Unit' which will give VehicleID, Device IMEI, Current date, Current Time, Location, Speed, Direction, Altitude, Cumulative Odometer, GSM and GPS Signal strength, GPS Fix status, etc.

Software features like Password protection, SIM Lock, Geofence, Sleep Mode, Fall Back SMS, Store and Forward (History data) , Track On Demand, OTA Commands and Remote Firmware Update makes 8705 VTU a powerful and most robost device for the application areas like Fleet Management, Ambulance Management, Taxi/Cabs, Logistics, Education institutions, Boats, Ships et

Application Areas

  • Fleet Management.
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  • 48 Channels powerful GPS Module.
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  • Quad band GSM/GPRS Module.
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS Module.
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