86VT GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking Device Visiontek 86VT Vehicle Tracking Unit consists of a built-in GPS receiver, GSM modem and battery for back up during failure of external power. The unit is provided with RS-232 port for configuration of the device. The unit is also provided with voice port for connecting headset for two-way communication and a buzzer for incoming call indication.

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The unit is provided with 7.4V/1700 mAh internal battery with charging facility for back-up during the external power failure. The unit also equipped with Ignition ON/OFF detection and intelligent power management for detecting the external power removal / failure. When external power is removed or failed, communication will be sent to the pre-define number/server

All the communication with the user/server is handled by Tri-Band GSM/GPRS module which accurately delivers all the navigation data. The communication is either through Short Message Service (SMS) or GPRS network. The unit can be remotely configured (OTA Configuration). In addition the unit is provided with two switches for Voice & SMS communication with pre-defined numbers.

Application Areas

  • Logistics
  • Fleet management
  • Commercial Vehicle Monitoring
  • Public Transport Systems
  • Delivery & Courier services
  • Taxi Services
  • Security & Emergency Vehicles
  • Emergency Vehicles and Security
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A Standard Features
1 GSM Module 900/1800/1900 MHz Tri-band GSM/GPRS module 20 channel GPS receiver (SiRF III)
2 System GSM , GPS
3 Output Class 4 (2W for GSM 900) , Class 1 (1W for GSM 1800)
4 SIM (RUIM) Interface External SIM 1.8V & 3V
5 SMS Supports Text
6 GPRS Packet DATA Class 10, Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
7 LED Indication Power GSM , GPS
8 Connectors/Switches RS-232 Serial Port
SMA antenna Connector for GSM
SMA antenna connector for GPS
Voice port (Headset) for two-way voice communication
Switch for emergency SMS
Switch for emergency voice call
9 I/O Ports 1x ignition ON/OFF detection
2x digital inputs
1x digital output
10 Power Suppley Wide DC Input Voltage range (9v - 30v)
11 Internal Battery Internal Battery : 7.4/1700 Ah Li-ion
12 Enclosure Aluminum
13 Temperature Operating : -10c to +55c
Storage -40c to +85c
14 Humidity 5% - 85% RH
15 Dimensions in mm 109x86x38 (LxWxH)
16 Weight 370 grams
17 Antenna GSM + GPS Combo antenna
18 Software PC Utility for configuring the unit

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  • Acquire, monitor and transmit the vehicle position
  • Battery reverse protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Remote configuration Over The Air (OTA)
  • RS-232 port for configuration of parameters
  • Data transmission through SMS or GPRS Call
  • GSM, GPS and Power LED indications
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  • Tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS Module
  • 20 Channels GPS receiver (SiRF III)
  • RS-232 Serial Port
  • Wide DC input voltage range (9V-30V)
  • Local & Remote Configuration (OTA)
  • SMS / GPRS Communication
  • Built-in battery
  • Ignition ON/OFF detection
  • On-line and Off-line tracking
  • LED indication for GSM, GPS and Power Status
  • Switch for voice & SMS communication
  • Buzzer for incoming calls indication
  • Provision for configuring Five incoming call numbers
  • GSM + GPS Combo antenna
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Two Digital Inputs
  • One Digital Inputs
  • SMS/ GPRS Communication
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