Logistics Transport Tracking

GPS Logistic Transport Tracking system is exclusively designed for Consigner, Consignee and 3rd party logistics service providers (3PL), where the vehicles may or may not owned by them, but still they would like to have location update/monitor movement of their on-road consignment being carried by the vehicles fitted with These GPS devices in real time to optimize delivery performance and enhance safety This solution provides a very simple user friendly common web interface to track your single or multiple consignment being carried by the fleet fitted with this device, which includes pin point location display on street level city map and the movement of vehicle against the scheduled route/ transit time

Fleet Management Solution (FMS)

  • Track single or multiple vehicles with latest location / Trial.
  • View Ignition status, Vehicle battery power, and associated GPS data's such as speed, distance travelled, driver details etc.
  • Venerate various fleet productivity MIS Reports.
  • Receive real time alerts in case of business events and exceptions such as over speed, stoppage, strategic geo area entry/exit and much more.

Solution Offerings

  • One view to track all vehicles at a glance on map with the option of viewing idling/stationary vehicles.
  • User specific landmark management to track | notify vehicle location in business location context.
  • Vehicle group & driver management to track performance based on vehicle groups or driver.
  • Access Control as per user profile – Fleet manager, controller, or end customer.



Advantageous Services

  • Trip based tracking of all on-trip GPS fitted vehicles with route, delivery and safety compliance.
  • Logistics operational dashboards & alerts to manage exceptions based on en route stoppage, delay, off route, delivery and safety adherence.
  • Real Time ETD (Expected Time of Delivery) prediction and Vehicle Availability forecast.
  • Trip Performance Rating Index (Carrier/Driver Rating Engine based on trip performance).
  • Multi level role based access (Consigner, Consignee, Transporters, other stake holder).

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