Ambulance Tracking Rapid Response Systems

Ambulances are probably one of the most essential vehicles where human life completely depends especially during the most critical time of need. It is the priority of hospital authority to make sure that the ambulance must be available on time, reach to the patient and take him immediately to the hospital. Vehicle Tracking Device are definitely one of the most functional upgrades many ambulances across the globe have used to better modernize ambulances which guides and helps the hospital authority to find out nearest available ambulance from the location of the patient and Optimum dispatching of appropriate ambulances ensures prompt Emergency Medical Services and allows for timely patient transport so it facilitates primary treatment delivery even when patient is in the ambulance and also update the doctors for arrival of patient in the hospital so that they can be ready with their initial treatment process.

Ambulance Tracking System (ATS) is a specialized GPS tracking solution aimed at the efficient management of Ambulance fleet and this solution focus to make the ambulance available to a needy patient in the shortest possible time by redirecting the ambulance from a nearby location and in a shorter path, than the conventional way of sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to a critical spot.

Software Solutions

This system is health care application software, and is designed for use by the Ambulances belonging to the Hospitals or other Health Care Service Providers which are deployed to provide pre-hospital care to accident and emergency victims in an inter-city or intra-city operations. In its operation, This system makes the combined use of Geographic map information of the area along with the live position data from GPS based vehicle tracking unit installed in the Ambulance, and presents the same on a client's site control station. The control station is equipped with a Desktop Computer and a modem corresponding to the particular Radio used for communication between Ambulance and the Control Station. Communication software installed on the Desktop Computer enables to view the data output GPS strings from the vehicle tracking unit received through the Radio on the geographic map displayed on its screen, and thus enables to effectively monitor, dispatch and track the Ambulance(s).

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Solution Offerings

  • Find the nearest ambulance to a patient’s location
  • Locate the nearest hospital from the ambulance
  • Cut response times in the “Golden Hours”
  • Accurately verify patient transport times & mileage
  • Effectively verify driver / ambulance locations
  • Re-route the ambulance to the nearest hospital
  • Monitor siren & light activations
  • Optimize routes to patient locations
  • Monitor non-emergency speeding to improve driver safety
  • Ensure drivers are at assigned staged locations
  • Keypad integration to monitor all important events

Advantageous Services

  • Interface for Users to access and contact Ambulance Operator
  • Shows area-wise distribution of the vehicles to the control room.
  • We provide customized software installed in device as per the client's requirement, facilitates smooth working of the process.
  • Device take cares of various reminders to the operator in exigency during the operations.
  • Reports ,Vehicle Utilisation ,Fuel consumption ,Trip report based on Vehicle Movement ,Idle and Journey report.

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