GPS Hardware Solutions

Gps Vehicle tracking system Hardware Consists of powerful Built-in GPS receiver engine, Quad Band GSM Modem, New generation Micro processor, Inbuilt flash memory, USB Port, Hard RESET Button, Tamper switch, 3DMotion sensor, 3 LED indicators, internal battery, digital / anlaog inputs, digital outputs ,Serial Port, 1-wire feature and Internal Battery.

AVLS GPS Unit for Accurate GPS Vehicle Tracking

The 'Brain' of Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) GPS unit. It includes a high-accuracy GPS receiver, a three-axis accelerometer, a choice of cellular modems and an optional satellite modem.

A range of electronic inputs can be connected to the AVL unit to record engine management data and other functions. If the vehicle is outside cellular coverage, even for prolonged periods, all activity (at least 50,000 events) is recorded in the on-board memory. Data is uploaded to the FMS within seconds of re-entering a coverage area.

Personal GPS tracker

A small personal GPS tracker that provides real-time location information direct to your computer or mobile phone. Now you can pinpoint the location of your field staff anywhere, anytime – and they can summon help immediately in the event of an emergency.

Health and safety

GPS vehicle tracking systems enhance staff safety

To enhance the safety of your staff, we offer a range of emergency alerts and duress alarms that provide real-time location and status information to vehicle tracking system.

Driver identification

Driver Identification devices capture the identity of drivers and equipment operators, and report back via the GPS locator to web-based Fleet Management System. With Driver ID, you can confirm the identity of drivers and validate that they have the right skills and licence to operate that class of vehicle.


GPS Hardware Details

The hardware's are Single board Solution like a Mobile phone platform, unlike other GPS hardware available in the market solutions which rely on modules (GPS, GSM, Processor combinations).

    The main advantages of Hardware

  • Very reliable and rugged hardware
  • Low power consumptions, leading to longer life.
  • Small Compact unit, CE certified.
  • Inputs configurable to integrate with Immobilizer, Door engine on/Off sensors etc.
  • Best in class GPS technology.
  • High performance GSM Chipset for better GPRS/SMS transmission even at low signal strengths.
  • Expandable hardware platform to cater to specialized requirements for integration with RFID, Taxi fare meters, Fuel sensors, Shock sensors etc.



The GPS hardware is provided with add-ons for various specialized solutions like

  • RFID readers for employee and Student identifications.
  • Taxi fare meters for Radio taxi's meter readings.
  • Immobilizers for remote vehicle immobilization for vehicle security applications.
  • Ignition On/OFF , Door open close sensors.
  • Temperature/Fuel other analog sensors inputs.

Genral Configuration

S.No Hardware     Description
1 GSM Module                  850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad band GSM / GPRS module
2 GPRS            Class B and Class 10
3 GPS Module                    48 Channel powerful GPS receiver
4 Micro Controller         32-Bit ARM Cortex M3, SRAM 32K, Flash 256K
5 Flash Memory                4MB (Default) and 8MB (Optional)
6 SIM Interface                 1.8V and 3V
7 Accelero Meter            3D Motion Sensors
8 Software     Customer can configure the output format as per choice
9 Antenna                           Internal GSM and External GPS
10 Accessories                      2 Core 24 sheathed Multi-core 3Meters power cable with Torrid, 9 Corex0.25mm Sq mm type-A pvc insulated multicore Unshielded cable (Port A and Port B), GPS Antenna, Built in tamper switch, Customised USB Cable, L-Shape clamps set, double sided Sticker and set of mounting screws.
11 User Interface Power, GSM & GPS LEDs External Power Cable SMA (F) Antenna Connector for GPS (If external) Hard RESET switch USB Port for device configuration 
12 Input Voltage DC power (9 Volts - 30 Volts)
13 Dimensions 123 x 76x 29.8 (L x W x H) in mm
14 Weight 335 gm
15 Enclosure  IP65 Plastic Enclosure (Water Proof)
16 Packaging Corrugated Mailer Box

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