Live Tracking

Gps is used for live tracking. GPS is a satellite based global navigation satellite system, GNSS that is used to provide accurate location and time information anywhere on or near the Earth. GPS is run and maintained by the US government, although access to it has been opened up so that it is freely available worldwide when used with suitable GPS receivers. Typically GPS is able to provide position information to within a few metres, allowing accurate positioning to be made. It is also possible to extract timing information that enables frequencies and time to be very accurately maintained. Frequency stability performance figures of systems using GPS timing are far in better than crystal or many other accurate frequency sources.

A real time GPS tracking device continually sends digital messages to space satellites to triangulate the unit’s current location. A real time GPS tracking device is constantly transmitting this data to the internet in real time, where you can monitor your GPS tracking device. Most GPS tracking devices also give other information like time, place, and how fast the tracker is travelling. Once used primarily by law enforcement agents tracking criminals, GPS spy technology is now common to employers tracking company vehicles.

How it works


GPS uses a lot of complex technology, but the concept is simple.

The GPS receiver gets a signal from each GPS satellite. The satellites transmit the exact time the signals are sent. By subtracting the time the signal was transmitted from the time it was received, the GPS can tell how far it is from each satellite. The GPS receiver also knows the exact position in the sky of the satellites, at the moment they sent their signals.

So given the travel time of the GPS signals from three satellites and their exact position in the sky, the GPS receiver can determine your position in three dimensions - east, north and altitude.

There is a complication. To calculate the time the GPS signals took to arrive, the GPS receiver needs to know the time very accurately. The GPS satellites have atomic clocks that keep very precise time, but it's not feasible to equip a GPS receiver with an atomic clock.

However, if the GPS receiver uses the signal from a fourth satellite it can solve an equation that lets it determine the exact time, without needing an atomic clock.

Advantages of Live GPS Tracking

Real time GPS trackers are GPS tracking systems which utilize GPS satellites and SIM card communication to provide continuous location information for their users.

On-Demand Access

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of real time GPS trackers is that the tracking devices offer on demand information for users. Using GPS tracking software, a computer and an Internet connection, the continuous updates provided by real time GPS trackers can be viewed by users at anytime from anywhere. With real time GPS tracking, users no longer have to wait to download stored data gathered by passive GPS trackers.

Immediate Correction of Business Problems

The continuous updates of real time GPS trackers offer business owners the ability to immediately correct inefficiencies within a business. For example, when a GPS-equipped delivery truck is mistakenly driven to the wrong location, the problem is immediately recognizable and correctable through the data provided by real time GPS trackers and GPS tracking software. This advantage saves business owners valuable time and money.

Improved Safety

Real time GPS trackers represent an important advancement in the use of GPS technology for personal safety and child tracking. With updates provided as often as every few seconds, real time GPS trackers have paved the way for parents, spouses and others to track the exact location of their loved ones with ease.

Improved Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention

The development of real time GPS trackers has proven to be an invaluable asset to law enforcement agencies and private investigators around the world. Using real time GPS trackers, officers are able to covertly observe vehicles without human monitoring. While saving fuel and money, real time GPS trackers offer an effective way of fighting crime and recovering stolen merchandise or vehicles.


Live tracking saves your company time and money by keeping track of your drivers. With our tracking devices, you will be able to view the exact routes your drivers take with access to their complete route history. Here are just a few of the benefits our GPS tracking system provides:

  • Increased security
  • Protects the driver
  • Less in-vehicle paperwork
  • Rewards hard work
  • Faster service
  • Reliable service
  • Accurate service

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