School Bus Tracking

Children security is the big concerns of schools. 87VTU GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking Device is developed for ensuring the highest standards of safety & ease for the school transportation sector, this device helps the school authorities to keep a check on the speed of the bus for avoiding rash driving & accidents. The proposed system is designed to send automated SMS’s to the parents on real arrival & departure of school buses in their homes & for notifying the parents & school principals upon real arrival of the bus in school premises. The system offers both Web & SMS based access to the Tracking device Central Server so that real time data information about the status of school bus is shared with parents and school principals at any time. The system offers various features like GPS/GPRS/GSM/RFID technology, route plan management, driver management, violation reports speed report & many others reports that fit school management fleet demands & school administrators. Launched in 2015 87VTU GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking Device end –to- end solutions allows the monitoring observation of fleet management in real time online tracking year round.

The Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) software displays the current location of school bus via a standard web browser with the help of easy to-use interactive mapping with friendly English. Our intuitive internet based application allows users to zoom into the action.

Principals and parents can rapidly and easily identify, locate the school bus on the Internet in real time saving valuable time with point and-click simplicity.

Software Solutions

Our school management solutions provides a real-time record of school bus stops which is important to school officials when it comes to knowing the exact times when school buses are making stops, picking & dropping student from school to students home by Accessing through a web site with a protected user name & password which gives school officials & parents a secure access of the location and performance of their school bus via their mobile phone or computers.

Advantageous Services

Real-time Information

Undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, real-time information helps you know where your buses are, monitor pick-up and drop-off. You will get information if one of the buses goes off route or if there are unscheduled stops, etc.


Two-way communication is a part of the software, and allows you to get in touch with the bus driver in case of any anomalies.

Improved Accuracy

The real-time information provided by the GPS system is saved. This info can be used to improve your map data, your routes and planning in future.

Student Safety

Get notified if a student steps into the wrong bus or if a student misses a stop and more. The primary aim of the whole software is undoubtedly the safety of students. You can enhance safety by monitoring speed, creating geo-fences and re-routing buses away from accidents.


Control costs by reducing fuel usage, observing on-board engine diagnostics, automating driver logs/timesheets and more.

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