Software Solutions of GPS



You can view the current location and status of your whole fleet, a group or a single vehicle. You can recall a vehicle's history at a particular date and time and replay a journey on demand. And you can add your own map layers, job information and points of interest onto the maps for a complete visualisation of your operations.

Reports & Graphs

Our online GPS System includes a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use reports and a powerful report generation engine. Together they deliver accurate information about the activity of your vehicle fleet so you can measure and manage its performance with ease.

Fleet servicing

Simply configure schedules for a range of services, such as oil changes, registration or wheel alignment, choose which vehicles are to be serviced, configure your alerts, then sit back and relax. GPS system will send you automated emails before each service is due - and book it in with the workshop - so you'll never miss a scheduled service again!.

Pool banking

he module offers a wide range of functionality to manage your pool of vehicles or specialised tools and equipment. By assigning attributes such as restrictions on available days & times, or type of use, you can ensure that you always have the right vehicle or equipment available. Add charge-out rates to the attributes and streamline your job costing or invoicing processes for the use of specialised tools.

Stop tags database

Stop Tags is a secure graffiti management database delivered over the internet. Using Stop Tags, councils and businesses can manage all aspects of graffiti removal, from incident reporting to clean up details, and provides comprehensive statistics.


Gps mapping engine provides accurate, real-time tracking of participants that spectators and sponsors can use to follow their favourite competitor or group. Events is the perfect way to extend spectator enjoyment of any sporting event or race from motorsport racing, marathons or orienteering to snowboarding, paragliding or hot air ballooning! Each participant carries a small, ruggedized personal locator with them throughout the race so their position can be displayed on a personalised interactive map.

Solution features



  • Complete History/Track of vehicle on Map.
  • Route selection and adherence.
  • Real-Time location of Vehicle.
  • Detailed City Maps.
  • Poll for Locations.
  • Mark own waypoints on maps.


  • Driving analysis (Stoppage details, over speed alerts etc).
  • Route selection and adherence.
  • Distance travelled analysis.
  • Idle Time Details.
  • Detailed Speed Graphs.
  • Over Speed, Unscheduled Stoppage Alerts.


  • Daily Fleet Summary Report.
  • Daily Vehicle Travel Report.
  • Customer Wise Reports/Trip Wise Reports.
  • Vehicle Driving Summary Report.
  • Sensors/Other inputs based reports/Alerts.
  • Customized reports.


  • Finding the position of a stolen vehicle.
  • Receiving alert message if the vehicle deviates from its route.
  • Keeping clients informed about the position of their goods.
  • Efficient inventory management.
  • Driver can easily find the nearest emergency centre or service station.
  • Company knows exact position of goods, vehicles, drivers and passengers.
  • Receiving unit can prepare better for the arrival of goods or a VIP guest
  • Efficient management of fuel and time

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