Vehicle Rental solution

Car Rental Solution record and manage database of booking with Automatic Dispatch engine integrated.

Car Rental solution gives a complete package to vendors who provide daily transportation facilities to big organization. Understanding the criticality to manage transportation facility to employees of multiple organizations, this solution is suggested which helps in managing ad hoc and daily requirement of vehicle for employee movement. This solution aims to make this complex task an easy job. It is a solution which caters to end to end fleet management requirements of car rental companies.

Contain customer Management System to record and mange database of booking with Automatic Dispatch Engine integrated after devising Intelligent Business Rules. It takes care of End-to –End needs of Fleet Management for Car rental Company.


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  • Customer Interaction and Management
  • Information Management
  • Information Access
  • Job/Trip Assignment & Management
  • Fleet Tracking and Control
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • MIS Reports Generation

Advantages of GPS tracking for rental vehicles

  • Live Location
  • Monitor and raise alerts if a vehicle enters restricted areas.
  • Monitor and raise alerts if a vehicle leaves the agreed rental area (or State)
  • Monitor and raise alerts if a vehicle use used outside of agreed times.
  • Monitor and raise alerts where a vehicle is unused for a period of time
  • Monitor and raise alerts for speeding
  • Real-time mileage records
  • Service update alerts

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